Why Invest in Stock Photography for Marketing?

Anyone can take a picture. Moreover, we’re all walking around with a good camera too. In fact, the younger generation seem to document everything with their phone cameras. ‘It’s on Insta, or it didn’t happen’ appears to be the decree. However, whereas everyone can take a photo, not every photo is worthy. Furthermore, only a few images are good enough for advertising or marketing in general. Thus, those unfamiliar with the advantages of excellent stock photography may be missing out on the benefits. Let’s have a look.

Stock Photography Gets Eyeballs

We are visually driven. So, in today’s marketplace, businesses must harness this visual nature. In fact, studies tracking eye movement show that we are drawn only to images that instantly stand out and appeal. Consequently, marketers only have a split second to capture the consumer’s attention. And no wonder. Every minute of every day we are bombarded by images and advertising . For instance, just 40 years ago, consumers were exposed to around 500 ads per day. Today, that figure has ballooned to over 10,000. With this much competition, it makes sense to invest in high-quality stock photography.

Poor Images Create a Negative Result

What happens when an image shared is of poor quality? Well, the business sends the wrong message. Images need to be memorable in a positive way. Plus, poor quality images used by a company online may hang around for a long time. Ultimately, customers will be turned off, and they’ll naturally seek out better-looking businesses to buy from.

Stock Photography for Better ROI

So, high-quality images attract and retain consumers. Good images create a positive brand experience and are value-added. Therefore, a company willing to spend a reasonable budget on good photography will reap more than just a better return on investment.

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