What are Stock Images and How Can I Benefit?

There’s no doubt that most of us are taking better quality pictures than ever before. And not surprisingly given that we’re carrying with us camera technology only dreamt of 10 years ago. In fact, even the humblest smartphone enables ordinary users to snap hi-res images at around 10 megapixels. Moreover, if you’re lucky enough to own a hi-end iPhone or Android phone, then you’ll be enjoying incredible resolution, multiple lenses and innovative software tech.  However, we all know from a glance at our Facebook feed; owning these magical devices doesn’t necessarily make you a talented photographer! This is especially true of images needed for marketing, advertising, promotions, and general business applications. So, what about stock images, and how can I use them?

The Benefits of Stock Images

Talented, professional photographers and designers create stock images. Essentially, stock images, or stock photography, are available for use by paying a fee to both the artists that produced them and the stock agencies managing them. The creator retains the copyright of their work, whilst you acquire the right to use them legally in different ways. The primary benefits are an immediate saving in time and money. So, browse the online catalogue, choose an image that works, pay the license fee, and download it for instant use. Most importantly, the costs involved are reasonable. Certainly, much cheaper than commissioning a photographer. Also, stock image photographers create images that are immediately suitable for business use.

How Can I Use Stock Photography?

There are some limitations, and these will be specified in a site’s particular license agreement. You can read the terms of our Usage License here.  These limitations include obvious provisos such as no re-selling, claiming ownership or copying to share. Popular uses for our local photography of the Coffs Harbour area include wall art for home and office, website images, marketing materials and more.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our awesome catalogue of hi-quality images.

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