Our Personal & Commercial Usage License

For every image or video you purchase, we provide you with a personal & commercial usage license for a single user which is non-transferable, revocable and non-exclusive. This license applies globally and is bound by the limitations and standards laid out below.

Permitted Use

Our personal & commercial usage license allows you to use our images and videos for use in accordance with our policies as long as you are not reselling or redistributing our images or videos.

You can use the images or videos for personal use to:

  • create digital or printed artwork for your home,
  • print onto photo gifts or t-shirts for you or your family,
  • produce personal school or university projects,
  • use them on your personal social media or a personal blog,
  • add them into designs for your own private portfolio.

You can use the images or videos for commercial use to:

  • put them on your business websites, social media, blogs and advertising. We allow unlimited online views.
  • produce digital & print advertising and online ads to promote your business. We allow the addition of your branding, text, your logo, and captions to the images and video and to reproduce these into new designs in accordance with our standards.
  • print the images in your promotional materials such as brochures, flyers, documents, magazines and packaging. We allow a print run of up to 10000 units. For larger print runs an additional extended license is required. Please get in touch for a quote.

What You Cannot Do

  • You cannot re-distribute, re-sell, or share our images or videos (including copies of our images or videos) in any form. This includes selling products whose value is based to a considerable extent on the inclusion of our images or videos.
  • You must not make our images or videos accessible to others in a way that allows others to use or reproduce them.
  • You must not supply or submit our images or videos to any stock image or video website or online media gallery.
  • You must not portray or present our images or videos as work that you have created yourself. You cannot attribute the ownership, intellectual property rights or source of our images or videos to anyone else except to us or the artist named by us.

Ethical & Social Obligations

You must not use our images or videos in any way, shape or form that is not in accordance with our ethical or social standards.

You are prohibited from using our images or videos in relation to any material, product, design or message which:

  • encourages any unlawful activity or provokes, supports or promotes anyone to contribute to or commit any criminal or illegal act, or is interfering with or undermining the dignity, performance or authority of the courts, or is likely to mislead anyone,
  • is in breach with any copyright or trademark law, database or design regulation in relation to anyone else, or conflicts with any legal responsibility owed to another party, such as maintaining confidentiality or contractual integrity,
  • endorses discrimination in relation to age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religious beliefs, disability or sexual orientation,
  • invades anyone’s privacy, threatens, abuses, harasses, upsets, annoys, inconveniences or causes unnecessary anxiety to anyone,
  • supports or constitutes sexually explicit, violent or pornographic material or is indecent, profane, hateful, aggressive, provocative or defamatory of any person.

Intellectual Property Rights

To the best of our knowledge, we assure that:

  • we or our artists own the copyright for our images and videos and that the usage of these media in accordance with our policies constitutes a lawful act,
  • our images and videos were created in an ethically, socially and legally sound way.

We cannot be held accountable for any use of our images which is not in accordance with our terms, conditions, policies or guidelines.