Landscape Photography: An Expressive Art

Coffs Harbour is a landscape photography paradise. This is because Coffs offers an incredibly diverse range of landscapes in a relatively small area. First, we have beautiful beaches interspersed with dramatic headlands—next, lush pockets of rainforest, rambling creeks and crystal-clear swimming holes. Then, moving west, we see fertile pastureland. Lastly, rising majestically to present an awe-inspiring backdrop, we have the hinterlands. This high ground is protected mainly by magnificent National Parks. The tricky part is deciding which view to capture next.

The Definition of Art

There are many definitions of Art. Philosophers have debated the subject for centuries. A formal dictionary definition is: “Art is creating objects or representing specific scenes to produce in humans a particular state of sensitivity, more or less related to aesthetic pleasure.” This definition is pretty good, and it relates well to landscape photography as Art. My favourite definition, though, is from the artist Gwenn Seemel: “Art always causes a change, large or small, personal or universal. This is its value, its purpose, its goal and its complete definition.”

The Three Components of Landscape Photography

Photography consists of three components. These are the subject, the environment, and the lighting. Essentially, if any of these elements is missing, the photograph will be uninteresting or dull. Therefore, to create great photography, each of these components must be equally considered and perfectly balanced.

Landscape Photography Doesn’t Need a Subject

With landscapes, it’s easy to identify the light and the environment. But what about the subject? For instance, where is the subject in an image of mountains and clouds? Or a trail disappearing into a dense forest? Therefore, with landscape photography, you can create a perfect picture without a clear subject.

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