Pro Tips for Choosing Printed Artwork for Your Home

Displaying artwork is a way of showing the personality of the homeowners and the ‘feel’ they want for the space. Furthermore, it’s also a great way to tie in décor and style, and to change the look of a room simply by changing the artwork. Artwork can be subtle or bold, large or small, expensive or affordable. And better still, it’s an investment you can take with you when you move. So, how do you choose the right printed artwork for your home? Let’s have a look at a few pro tips for each room.

Printed Artwork for the Kitchen

Often referred to as the heart of the home, the kitchen is sometimes neglected when it comes to artwork. However, spaces above the countertops and cupboards make great spaces for smaller, quirky art. Think about adding phrases or funny sayings that make you smile in the mornings!

For the Bedroom

The bedroom is a retreat and a place for relaxation. Therefore, choose large artwork that is either abstract with soothing colours or beautiful landscape photography. Large pieces work best over the bed or on the opposite wall.

Artwork for the Office

Choose artwork to inspire you and personise your home or work office. Obviously, family pictures are great but also think about inspiring quotes and people, awe-inspiring landscape photos and bold, energising art. Furthermore, why not build a long shelf above your office desk where you can display your artwork? This way, you can easily change the art and pictures to keep you inspired.

Bathroom Printed Artwork

Don’t neglect the bathroom! Artwork in a bathroom reinforces the style and adds interest. You can go funky and colourful or muted and abstract. Also, bathroom art looks great in pairs. Either a set side by side or stacked. Lastly, just remember things can get a bit steamy in there, so maybe stay away from unsealed prints.

Lounge Room Artwork

The lounge room is probably the most intimidating room to choose artwork for. This is where most guests will see your choices and where you’ll have to live with them the most. The artwork should reflect both the style of the lounge room décor and also provide an insight into the owner’s character. Moreover, good artwork can be an interesting talking point. So, consider options like a dramatic local landscape picture (great as a conversation starter!) abstract art or a collection of smaller individual pieces.

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